For many of us, work-from-home is the new normal. As with anything, there are pro’s and con’s to this new set-up. Whether you are thriving or surviving, this is an opportunity to identify new structures and habits that make you a healthier person. Here are some ideas for making the most of it as long as it lasts!

1. Eat more fresh, home-cooked foods.

When at the office, it’s easier to lose track of time to meal prep or forget your lunch in the fridge at home. But while you’re working from the next room over, making lunches that make you feel good is much more accessible. Working from home gives you access to all your own kitchen amenities to put meals together or even prep at lunch time. Fuel your body from your own fridge. Eat foods you enjoy instead of a granola bar on the go. Get creative with introducing nutrients to your daily meals. Find what makes you feel good during your mid-day break.

2. Get more sunshine.

Take a meeting outside. Go on a walk during a phone call. Sit on the porch for 10 minutes before starting your day. Sunshine is your body’s best source of Vitamin D. It replenishes critical nutrients more effectively than a supplement can. Vitamin D is critical for mood stability and immune functioning- something we could all use a little boost in during 2020.

3. Enjoy your people in unique ways.

We understand that quarters are close and sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in. But this is a unique season to experience relationship with those you love in a new way. Enjoy it by creating daily or weekly rituals that provide structure and intentionality to your time together. A nightly walk, weekly themed meal, friendly competition or whatever your people enjoy together. 

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