As the temperatures drop, your risk of costly home maintenances could increase. Preparing your home for the winter is a proactive step to protect yourself and your wallet! Here are some preparatory steps you can take to get your property ready for the cold!

Check Your Heating Systems

Preventative maintenance is key here! No one wants to discover a problem with their heating system when it’s time to go to bed and 20 degrees outside. Check these items before winter is in full swing.

  • A licensed contractor should check your furnace or boiler for functionality and cleanliness. A professional should know what to look for!
  • Clean and replace air and furnace filters for safety and functionality purposes.
  • Get your fireplace ready, more tips on that are available here.
  • Make sure to keep your heat set to at least 55 degrees so that internal piping stays at a safe temperature.

Keep it Insulated

Proper insulation ends up keeping you happier and saving you money. It’s your best line of defense from the effects of the bitter cold.

  • Add extra insulation to your attic to keep heat from rising and heating ice on your roof to a melting point that eventually causes water damage or roof damage.
  • Check your weather stripping on doors and caulk around windows to keep your interior warm and save money on heating your home.

Take Care of Your Pipes

When temperatures reach a certain low, your pipes are at risk! Without attention, they can burst or crack and create quite the headache.

  • If your pipes are exposed or in unheated areas, purchase some controlled heat tape and wrap them up.
  • Check for water leaks after heavy freezes and fix them immediately!
  • In the event that your pipes do freeze, shut off your water to prevent more significant damage to your home.

When unfortunate winter interruptions do disrupt your home, contact your insurance company. Henry Insurance will help you navigate winter protection for your properties. Call (225) 927-0451 to discuss your Winter home coverage.