Homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance could be the difference in you having to pay a large sum of money or a smaller sum of money for accidents in or to your home. You may be wondering what exactly homeowners insurance and renter’s insurance are

Homeowners insurance provides financial protection against disasters in or to your house. Homeowners insurance is a package policy, which means that it covers both damage to your property and your liability or legal responsibility for injuries or property damage you or your family members may cause to other people. This also includes damage that is done by pets. 

Renter’s insurance covers damages to your personal items or personal liability costs that your landlord’s insurance does not cover. 

Financial Protection

Accidents happen every day. Whether you are prepared for these accidents determines how costly it will be for you. It is better to have a course of action or plan for potential incidents. 

Homeowners/renter’s insurance helps to cover the financial costs of damages done to your home, in your home, or to someone else while on your property. These insurance policies help to lift the burden of paying outrageous amounts of money if an accident occurs. 

Protection of Personal Belongings

If you are a victim of theft or vandalism, homeowners/renter’s insurance can help to reimburse you for your loss or pay for repairs. Without coverage for damage or theft of your items can lead to hefty amounts of money to replace or repair the items.

Add up the value of all your property, and you’re probably looking at thousands of dollars that you’d have to pay if damage or an incident occurs. 

Personal Liability Protection

As it was said earlier, accidents happen. Being ready or having coverage for these occurrences can be crucial. If someone is injured during an accident in your home, renters insurance will help protect you if you are legally liable and are sued.

If a guest in your home is injured, liability protection and medical coverage can help pay the expenses. 

Unexpected Damage

Fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, lightning, and fallen trees can all cause unexpected damage to your home. If your home is destroyed by any of these natural disasters or unknowing incidents, you’d need money to repair or replace things. Homeowners/renter’s insurance can help to lower the costs or eliminate the costs.

It is important to remember that homeowners insurance is meant to cover unexpected damage, not routine maintenance. Most disasters that cause damage to your home are covered except for floods, earthquakes, and poor maintenance. 

Homeowners/renter’s insurance can help to lower costs when it comes to personal liability, lost or damaged personal items, and unexpected damage. At Henry Insurance, we want to work with you to find a plan that fits the needs you may have for yourself, your family, and your home. Give us a call at (225) 927-0451, or visit the personal insurance section of our website to get a quote today!