If you’re relatively healthy, you may be under the impression that health insurance is not a necessity for you. Particularly if you don’t have dependents or a spouse.

We get it – health insurance isn’t cheap!

If you don’t frequently go to the doctor and money is tighter than you’d like it to be, the cost of your monthly premiums may seem like a steep investment. However, health insurance is a service meant to help and protect you. Understanding what it can do for you, and the risk of not holding coverage, may change your mind.

The Risks of No Coverage

Tax Return Penalties: As of 2019, many tax return penalties are being rescinded. However, if you weren’t insured in 2018 or prior then you will still be fined through your tax return. Even though these penalties are becoming less of a factor in many parts of the country, there are more risks to an absence of coverage.

Medical Emergencies: You may be relatively healthy and without regular need to visit a medical professional. However, none of us hold a crystal ball that can show us the future. Medical emergencies are hardly ever anticipated. Protect yourself.

Financial Bankruptcy: Speaking of medical emergencies, they are very expensive – especially without health insurance. This kind of experience can lead to overwhelming debt without a good solution.

Early Intervention: If you don’t have health insurance, then obviously preventative care visits are unlikely to be in your budget. The minor issues escalate and become more costly physically and financially when left unattended. Preventative care is the thing you don’t notice the impact of if it’s doing its job right.

So here’s the thing – health insurance really shouldn’t be an optional need. The risks are too high! However, you can control cost with different types of coverage.

What kind of health insurance do I get? 

Determine the level of coverage you need with a few questions:

  • Are you healthy?
  • How often do you go to a doctor?
  • What are your priorities?

If you are in good health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (caring for your body, reducing your risk, exercising and eating well) – that affects your coverage needs. If you have regular doctors visits or prescriptions, that’s something to consider as well. Both of these things can help you answer the last question. What are your priorities? There’s a lot of factors to health insurance. Copays, deductibles, networks… Depending on your lifestyle and preference, there are different plans that can meet your needs.

This is a lot to figure out and handle on your own though. That’s why there are people whose job it is to help you navigate it!

Henry Insurance Services is an independent insurance provider. As an independent agent, we realize that one size does not fit all, which is why we represent several carefully selected insurance company partners.

This model allows us to really get to know you and find the policy that best meets your needs. Not just suggesting policies based on a specific company we are representing.

Our staff are experts in the insurance industry. They know what questions to ask and how to answer the ones you have. You don’t have to navigate the health insurance world alone!

What are you waiting for? Mitigate risk for yourself and work toward your healthiest self.

Interested in learning more about your insurance options or getting a free quote? Contact an agent at Henry Insurance Service by calling 225.927.0451 or e-mailing info@henryinsuranceservice.com today!