I recently had an intern from the office call me after getting in a car accident. She had no idea what her next steps were or even who to contact. The first time you experience a wreck can be jostling and disorienting. Read these tips for what to do when you get in a car wreck and be prepared for if you ever find yourself in this situation.

What to do when you get in a wreck:

  • Check to ensure that both you and the other driver are okay. If you or the other driver have injuries, it is important to tell the operator that whenever you call 911.
  • Call 911. Tell the operator that you have been in an accident, where you are, and if you or the other driver and passengers have any injuries.
  • Take photos of the damages to your car and the other car, as well as a photo of the other driver’s license plate.
  • Have your driver’s license, auto-insurance, and car registration information readily available. This is the first thing an officer will ask you for upon arriving at the scene of your accident.
  • When the police arrive, share as many details as you know and remember with them about what happened. It is better to share that information at the time of the wreck, rather than adding new information later that may or may not be considered.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the officers. Try to go through the police officer for as much of your exchanges of information as possible.  If you have questions about what happened, attribution of fault, next steps, etc. Then the officer on scene is your best source of information.
  • Determine if your car is driveable. If so, then call your insurance company and ask them for next steps. If not, then ask the officer for a towing company that they recommend, if they have not called one already. If there is time, you will still want to call your insurance company to ask what they will cover and if there are certain auto-body shops that they want your car brought to. If not, then the towing company representative often has suggestions of places you could consider.
  • Talk to your insurance agent. Each wreck is different, and next steps for your auto accident will be circumstantial and unique. Your insurance agent will direct you and help you determine what to do next.

Like we said, each wreck is different. These tips are meant to guide and give practical suggestions, however in each circumstance you should use your best judgement to determine if the action is applicable and in your best interest.

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