Congratulations, new graduate! Welcome to the real world of adulting. This new season will be a fun and challenging time- growing, learning, and exploring new independence. All the new can be a little overwhelming though. There’s so many real-life things that they didn’t cover in college, aren’t there? Insurance might be one of them. No worries, we’re here to help! Here are a few things you should consider in regards to health insurance as a new post-grad.

Options for Health Insurance

There are a few types of insurance that you have to have- for your own protection, and in some cases because it’s illegal not to. Read more about the 5 insurance policies you can’t live without on our blog.

Depending on your family and employment circumstances, there are a variety of options for securing these policies. For most insurance providers and states, you are able to remain on your parent or guardian’s health, dental and eye insurance policies into your mid-late twenties. With their permission, of course.

Additionally, many employers offer benefits to their full-time employees. If you are searching for jobs or have accepted a new position, it is important to ask for detailed information about what insurance policies they provide. Once you have gathered this information, there are some factors to consider. Insurance through your employer may be costly or the policy may not cover your needs as fully as your prior plan. In some cases, it may be a better fit to remain on a prior policy than to transfer to your employer’s policy.

If your employer does not provide health insurance as a benefit, and remaining on a family plan is not an option, then you will need to secure a private health insurance policy. This can be an expensive option, especially at the beginning of your career. If you receive a job offer that does not include benefits, seek quotes on private insurance policies immediately, and consider the cost and implications of this expense if you were to accept the position.

Regardless of the policy you end up with, be sure to have a good understanding of your coverage. Have your HR manager, family member, or insurance agent explain all of the details- such as deductibles, co-pays, specialist fees, and more.

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