No one ever says that dealing with insurance is easy.

Residents of Louisiana and other Gulf states are probably more aware of that fact than most. It comes with its ups and downs, complexities, and fine print, and just as you’re beginning to understand coverages, claims, and deductibles, everything seems to change.

It is a difficult industry to wrap your head around when you don’t work with it every day, so just as you would turn to a plumber when the sink doesn’t drain or an electrician when the lights go out, you turn to us, your agents, to offer the services you need to protect what matters most. 

But what does “service” mean, and how do we apply it?

Merriam-Webster offers the concise definition of “help, use, benefit” for the word, and we can’t imagine a more fitting description for what we offer. 

What Does True Service Mean To Us?

Help – We’re here for you

At Henry Insurance Service, to serve means doing our jobs to the best of our ability and always having your best interest at heart.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer care, empathy, and understanding to those who are struggling to understand the benefits and purposes of insurance, especially in these uncertain times. 

In a world that is becoming more automated by the day, having a real person to assist you through each step of the process is an indispensable advantage.

The ability to build lasting relationships with our insureds sets Henry Insurance Service apart from the competition, and we are committed to going above and beyond to help you receive high-quality coverage for a fair price

Use – Remove frustration

Our purpose is to provide for our insureds.

As agents, we are able to use the tools at our disposal to find solutions and meet your insurance needs so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of figuring it out on your own.

We are here to be your easy-to-reach resource, to efficiently find products that suit your unique situation, and to make changes to your existing policies when needed. 

Few things are more frustrating and inconvenient than calling a large company’s 1-800 phone number when you need to consult a professional about your insurance.

At Henry Insurance Service, we offer prompt and personalized assistance from your designated agent to satisfy your requests and answer your questions. 

Benefit – Enjoy peace of mind

The foremost advantage of working with Henry Insurance Service is having the practical support of a team with years of insurance experience in your corner, but that’s not all you’re receiving.

As your agent, our job isn’t to make things mysteriously happen behind the scenes. We aim to teach and empower our customers so they can better understand insurance and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being informed.