Why do you need insurance for your boat or personal watercraft?

This type of insurance covers most watercraft with a motor (i.e. fishing boats, pontoons, jet skis, yachts). With summer around the corner, it’s time to pull off the boat cover and get ready for some fun in the sun. If you own a water craft, you should consider investing in boat insurance for a number of reasons.

It may be required.
Some states require liability insurance to operate your water craft. Additionally, some marinas and docks require insurance coverage to dock your boat. It is also a possibility that if you take out a loan to buy your boat, the lender will require you to invest in insurance.

Protect yourself.
Accidents happen. Depending on your coverage, water craft insurance can protect you from many mishaps including boating accidents, tropical storms, hurricanes or flooding, engine damage, collisions with rocks, logs or other obstacles, oil spills, vandalism, and more. If you’re in an accident or your watercraft is stolen, it costs money (often a lot of money) to fix or replace it.

Protect others.
Some watercraft coverage includes protection of passengers on your boat, as well as other boaters you may encounter on the water. An injury to a passenger on your boat or another’s can be dangerous, and very expensive for you as the owner. Ensure that others receive the care they need, as well as protect yourself from costly legal liabilities.

Enjoy your watercraft.
You’ve invested a lot to get your boat. It’s meant to bring you fun times and joy. That’s hard to do when you’re stressing over potential threats around every corner. Take it out for a joy ride, and bring others with you to enjoy it as well. You can relax and utilize your watercraft to its full potential knowing that you and others on the water are protected and safe.

The cost of insurance varies based on your needs and the level of coverage you have. The size and age of your boat, as well as where you live and plan to operate it, also factor into the cost.

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