Well, we are about a month into the current hurricane season, and so far-so good. We are all prepared, right? We have our stash of bottled water and food, we know our escape route (should we need it), and we all have our wind up radio to get the latest news and information.

But, what about the things no one really tells you about? Those things that will elevate your preparedness to the next level…beyond just the logical.

I’ve put together a general list of items that really could save your live in the event of a hurricane – or at a minimum, your sanity!

  1. A Mini Charcoal Grill

Seems so logical, doesn’t it. But most of the time we are the proud owners of a great gas grill. What do we do when propane is at a shortage? When the bottle we finished during last week’s BBQ isn’t enough to cook dinner during the crucial hurricane time? We need to be prepared.

I am not requesting you go out and purchase the largest charcoal grill you can find. I am suggesting you purchase a small, tailgating sized grill with all of the acoutrements (the charcoal, lighter fluid and a box of matches). Chances are the cost will be less than keeping multiple bottles of propane on hand, and charcoal grilling is an excellent powerless cooking option.

  1. Manual Can Opener

We were prepared months ago with our two-week food supply, right? But, in this electronic world we live in, the majority of us own electric appliances. How are we going to open those cans without our under-the-counter electric can opener. Once again, invest the minimal amount needed to get the manual can opener. Otherwise you might find yourself in the garage with a hammer and a screwdriver trying to open that can of Ravioli.

  1. Battery Operated Fans

We all can’t be lucky enough to own a generator that is powerful enough to run the AC unit of the home. And, if we do, we don’t know how long we will be without electricity, so the gasoline supply for that generator has to be stretched as far as we can make it.

Let’s face it, we all know how incredibly hot hurricane season is. Utilize some battery-operated fans (can be found at your local big box retailer) during the day and utilize your generator-supplied air conditioning for nighttime.

  1. Board Games

These days, kids have issues getting through one meal without their electronics, much less any extended period of time. You better have some way to amuse them before you entirely lose your sanity. Board games are a great way to entertain everyone.

  1. A Ten-Gallon Tote

All of the above items, plus the majority of your other preparedness items, should fit nicely in the 10-gallon tote. Everything is contained in one place, it can easily be stored out of the way, and it isn’t going to take up that much room.

But, the tote potentially can serve a MUCH greater purpose.

There is always the potential that the water supply will not be available any longer during a hurricane. And, there are many residents in Louisiana whose main source of water is pumped from their own wells, which means no electricity, no water.

I know you are thinking that you are good, because you have gallons of drinking water stashed aside should a hurricane take place. But, I am telling you the 10-gallon tote needs to be filled with water prior to a hurricane hitting, and stored in your restroom.

Your toilet has no electric parts. It runs primarily through the effects of gravity on the water in the tank. It is crucial to have a replenishing supply of water for the tank to avoid any unkind smells that could develop through extended period of times with non-flushing. A pitcher set next to the tote of water should carry you through a few days should you lose your water supply.

I am not suggesting you replace your traditional preparedness items with the above, but to supplement your efforts with these.

And, just as important as it is to prepare physically for a hurricane, make sure your homeowner’s policy is prepared for the event of a hurricane as well. Talk to one of the insurance experts at Henry Insurance Service today for your free policy evaluation.