Ever been surfing the web and see those auto insurance ads that scream you can get auto insurance for just $29 a month or for less than a cup of java?

Sounds great, right? Sounds cheap, right? Well, sometimes cheap is just that…CHEAP! In quality and in coverage.

Sometimes you do get what you pay for. That car insurance that could be traded for a cup of coffee might offer you bare-bones coverage. Not the bargain you are looking for.

So, how do you protect yourself from ‘cheap’ coverage?

Read the Fine Print

Make sure, when you are shopping for affordable car insurance, to look at everything that is covered. One insurance company’s bargain might exclude coverage that others include in their quote. And that coverage gap could put you at major risk!

Know Your Category

That $29/month policy might cover everything you want out of car insurance, but do you fall into the category of driver they are offering it to? Standard car insurance policies are geared to those with great driving records, great credit scores and average vehicles. If you have a ticket, a lost credit score or drive a Bentley, you are not getting that great, inexpensive policy.

Demand Customer Service

Obviously, if you’re making a claim on your policy, you want the insurance company to treat you fairly. But what about the other party? If you have a wreck and the insurance company doesn’t treat the other party fairly, who do you think they are going to sue? It’s much easier to make sure you have a reputable company that’s going to treat all involved fairly.

Don’t be a victim of cheap auto insurance. Demand the best quality at the best price. With a company that puts service first. Demand Henry Insurance Service.

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