It’s the Fourth of July weekend and many of you will be packing up the cars and heading to the beach, or hosting a bar-b-que or a picnic. Myself included. But I wonder how many of us will actually think about the reason behind the holiday.

On July 4, 1776, the great founding fathers of this country declared the original 13 colonies independent from the rule of Great Britain. The beginning of the spirit of independence for this country. The beginning of freedom and choice in everything we do.

And this choice goes beyond just politics and government. It extends to every facet of our lives as Americans. Including whom we use for our insurance needs.

When you make a major purchase, where do you like to buy? From the person who sells one brand, from a telephone representative that doesn’t have the ability to know you or your needs? Or from the knowledgeable expert in your community who can find you the best price and value for your needs?

Henry Insurance Service is local, independent and committed to you. And, in honor of the freedom for the original 13 colonies, we want to provide you with the 13 reasons to use an independent agency for your insurance needs.

The 13 Reasons to Use An Independent Insurance Agency

  1. Gives You the Freedom of Choice Unlike the Agent that represents one company, the independent agent has the ability to provide you with choices for your coverage. Choices that will better fit your insurance needs. When it comes to your insurance needs, one size does NOT fit all.
  2. Ability To Quickly Check Prices They have at their fingertips the ability to check different insurance company prices in a matter of minutes, saving you time and the hassle of contacting multiple agents for your insurance needs.
  3. Ability to Save You Money Since rates vary so widely across the industry, the independent agent is very likely to get you a better deal than you can get for yourself.
  4. Committed to Customer Service Their livelihood depends on your satisfaction. They strive every day to become a trusted advocate and resource for all of their clients.
  5. Can Cut Through All Of The Jargon Different companies use different verbiage to say the same thing. The independent agent has the ability and expertise to cut through all of this jargon to give you the straight story on what coverage you are getting.
  6. Provides Multiple Types of Insurance Unlike with the big boys, you can get all of your insurance needs covered–from personal insurance, business insurance to vehicle insurance. No need to go to three different agents to find what you need.
  7. Provides a Person To Talk To You are not a number. You are a person. And, you want a person to talk to, not an automated machine that will make you push telephone buttons to find out your needs.
  8. Put Your Needs First The independent insurance agent is an advocate for you. They are locally owned and operated and do not work for the insurance company. They work for you.
  9. Listens The independent agent needs to know you to find out your needs. They don’t just offer up one policy and hope it fits what you need. They listen to you, learn your life story and your long term goals so that they can ensure you get what you need.
  10. Are the Insurance Experts They work with many types of insurance and many different policy options. They need to know every facet of the insurance business to make sure that they understand what they are offering. This creates an environment in which they are the insurance experts, not just the expert in the one policy that they can give you.
  11. Local The independent insurance agency is easily accessible. They do business face to face and are a vested member of the local community, giving them better insight on what you may need.
  12. Commited to the Long Term They want to be your consultants for a lifetime. They periodically review your coverage to make sure that your insurance continues to meet your needs as you go through changes in life.
  13. Treats You As A Person, Not A Number You are a person with needs. You don’t need to be known as a policy number. You need to be respected and treated as an individual that needs financial protection for the future.

Insurance is a complicated purchase. You’re not buying a loaf of bread! You are buying protection that your financial well-being could depend on. You want an agency with a commitment to you. With service and experience, and most of all, that looks out for your needs. Henry Insurance Service is that Independent Agency that is here for you.

So, on this July Fourth weekend, let’s not only celebrate the freedom from British rule, but the freedom of choice. In all things!