We’re almost a month deep into the New Year. Here’s where the rubber meets the road on those New Year’s resolutions!

Have you been maintaining your new goals proudly? Or are you like most people, losing momentum and about to jump off this whole “new year, new you” mantra?

We want to encourage you to be your healthiest self in 2017, and that takes a lot of work and getting back on the horse after you’ve fallen off a few times! Here are 3 steps to help you grow every day and stick with your resolutions for 2017!

1. Write down your “why.”

Think about the resolutions you’ve set for yourself. Why did you pick those things to focus on this year? What’s the driving force behind wanting to see change in that area of your life? Focusing on the deeper hopes and dreams you have for your life will help you stay motivated in the day-to-day.

Write down your “why” and put it somewhere you will see it regularly. Your bathroom mirror, your driver’s seat sun-visor, above your kitchen sink. Remind yourself why this is a dream you have for yourself and keep the bigger vision in your daily routine.

2. Establish accountability.

Most things are better with a partner. It makes a big difference to have someone by your side who is going through what you’re going through and who values the things that you value!

The comfort alone of having a friend makes it easier to carry on toward your shared goals. However, there’s an added bonus of accountability – you have someone who checks-in on your progress, genuinely cares where you’re at and challenges you to go even further.

Accountability is a key component of succeeding at big life changes. Find someone who will support you and wants to see you succeed. Ask them if they would be willing to check-in with you on a regular basis to see your progress and celebrate your victories. That’s something to look forward to!

3. Create practical steps (goals within your goals).

January 1st is an ambitious day, isn’t it? We look at the year ahead as a world of possibility. On the first day of a new year, anything is possible! But in the days that follow, we start second guessing if we are really capable of accomplishing our resolutions.

Oftentimes, we are discouraged by the magnitude of the task before us, and we just give up. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, break your resolution down into smaller goals. Create practical steps that flow together and allow you to make progress in chunks over time. For example:

In the month of February I will go to the gym at least two days a week.

In March, I will increase my goal to three days a week.

Sustainable life change cannot happen all at once! Take bite-sized pieces of your goal and achieve them over time!


Henry Insurance desires to see you thrive and bloom in 2017! If there is any way we can help you succeed and become the “you” you were designed to be, call us at 225-927-0451! We are here to help.