Colder temperatures have many of us curled up in a corner with our space heater on blast. When I turned on my heater recently and the lights flickered, I began to wonder about the safety of the product and did some research. Turns out, space heaters lead to over 1,000 fires and almost 50 deaths each year. Not to mention the 6,000 people reported to emergency room visits with burns from contact with a space heater.

That’s enough to get my attention! We’re here to help keep you and your home safe this winter with tips for safely using a space heater inside.

Purchasing a Space Heater

  • Find a heater that has been tested well and has passed certifications as notated on the box or label.
  • Select a heater that has a sensor that triggers the heater to automatically shut off when it overheats or tips over.
  • Make sure your heater is on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) “safe list”.

Using Your Space Heater Safely

Place your heater on a flat surface and properly space it from anything that could catch fire – including flammable substances like gas, paint, etc. Make sure that you never put anything on top of your heater that could trap heat. Be cautious of where you plug it in and the extension of the cord – tripping over the cord can cause bodily harm as well as additional fire hazards. Additionally, be cautious of water! Water contact with a space heater can lead to shocks.

Some additional cautions? Be sure to check the plug and outlet frequently to make sure that it is also not overheating. Space heaters are high wattage devices and can certainly malfunction. Only use your space heater in spurts for short periods at a time, and always turn off and unplug a heater when you’re not in the room.

Space heaters can be efficient friends when used properly. We hope these tips keep you cozy and safe.

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