The Demands of Commercial Insurance Customers


All insurance agencies are not created equal.  This may sound like the start of a marketing pitch but it’s a simple statement of condition.  Some insurance agencies represent a single line or just one insurance provider while others represent multiple lines or a variety of insurance providers.

As a consumer looking for the best coverage options or the best provider for your protections, finding what you need and want can be challenging.

So, how is it that Independent agencies like Henry Insurance Service in Baton Rouge can optimize the insurance solutions to meet the needs of a customer like you?

Henry’s representatives build beneficial relationships with our customers for the long-term as neighbors. We get to know you as a customer and make a commitment to support of your success by finding the right coverage for you from many different insurance companies.


Cost Versus Value in Choosing Commercial Risk Coverage


To those seeking it for the first time, commercial Insurance sounds like a term for a narrow and undifferentiated set of products, which could not be further from the truth. Commercial insurance customers have needs that are as varied as the US economy in which they participate, and there are thousands of commercial insurance products on offer.

Single-line insurance companies represent national insurance brands, limited to that provider’s line of insurance products. These insurance providers can only offer those policies and terms that are sanctioned by their single-line insurance companies.

Other telephone-direct and online providers compete on up-front cost by selling price-discounted products in bulk. These providers sometimes sacrifice service and coverage, placing their emphasis on price alone.

It may be difficult or discouraged for single-line providers to show you comparisons with their competitors. Regardless of whether they have reliable products, a comparison of the open market will show that the benefits differ from brand to brand.


Diverse Business Propositions Require Unique Coverage


No two businesses in need of commercial cover are alike. Companies fight hard to establish winning business propositions, to distinguish themselves from their nearest rivals the result is unique risk profiles.

Insurance companies are no different; they thrive by offering the products that work best for them as sellers. Insurance providers compete to provide specialized policies and focus on particular strengths.

While they may serve one niche exceptionally well, it does not mean that they are the right solution for the majority of buyers. There is no single-line of coverage that satisfies the demand of every commercial customer.


Matching Commercial Coverage to Real Customer Risks


Many excellent insurance providers offer outstanding commercial insurance, but they limit the features to those that suit their own business objectives; they may not provide everything that you want in one package. However, the representatives at independent agencies like Henry can match the right commercial policies to every client.

Additionally, the lowest up-front prices of online brokerages may not be the bargains they seem once you evaluate the risk that they do or do not cover. Excessive deductibles and restrictive policy terms can leave your business exposed unnecessarily. Over time, the probability that you will have to make a claim against your policy increases, and you lose the illusion of cost savings.

Because Henry Insurance Service serves the local community, we take pride in the relationships that we have built with our customers.

We work directly with our clients and apply over thirty years of experience as an agency, to deliver the best value in insurance coverage. We will find the right combinations from the thousands of insurance products available from hundreds of companies.


Service Is the Agency Difference


Our representatives will walk you through the risks you wish to protect, the plans on offer, and present comparisons of scenarios so that you can make the most informed choice which gives the most value to your business.

Each representative at Henry Insurance Service has the support of a highly experienced customer service team. We excel at serving customers like you with insurance that matches the details of your needs for cover precisely.

We get to know you and tailor the right coverage to your business from thousands of commercial insurance options. We can give you the best of many different single-line insurance offerings so that you receive the most value for price in both the short and long term!

To get in touch about specific insurance coverage for your business, please give us a call at 225-927-0451 or use one of our convenient online quote applications on the corresponding coverage page.