Roadside assistance is now often included in many car insurance policies, or can be easily added as desired. Do you have emergency assistance built into your policy? Here’s what to expect from your policy and some considerations for whether or not roadside assistance is for you!

Should you add roadside assistance through your insurance policy?

You may already have emergency assistance through an outside provider- AAA or the like. These providers offer comparable services and similar benefits to the consumer. However, assistance offered through your insurance policy is often identical coverage (or even better) at a lower rate. Your car’s age, make and model as well as your driving history will determine the rate of assistance for your policy. Additionally, some policies will require a certain amount of coverage in your policy. Research shows that on average, adding roadside assistance to your policy is likely as little as $25/year. In contrast- the most basic plan for AAA starts at $52.

Of course, your rate is specific and unique to you. These are simply considerations as you explore your insurance policy options.

Utilizing Roadside Assistance

Holding a Roadside Assistance policy is not much use to you if you don’t utilize it! You may already have a package included in your insurance policy. So your first step should be to check with your provider to determine if you have a policy to utilize.

Second- know what types of services and circumstances emergency roadside assistance available for.  Below are some commonly included offerings.


Towing services are a base-level inclusion in emergency assistance. However, what you need to watch for is the mileage limit. Different providers will tow your vehicle different distances at no cost, but then attach fees to tow to a location beyond that limit.

Fuel Delivery

Do you tend to push the limit on your fuel gauge? This service may come in handy for you. However, it is not a given. If this is appealing to you as a service, you may want to specify its inclusion in your policy. Some roadside assistance providers would include the cost of gas in your services, and others may charge you a premium for the fuel. Know your program to avoid costly assistance!


Ever wondered who to call if your car were to get stuck? Muddy paths, unintentional off-roading, ditches or snow banks. Emergency road services can come to your rescue if your car were to need to be dislodged.

Battery Services

Whether you need a jump-start or a battery replaced entirely, your roadside assistance program should provide you with the services you need. If your car does not revive after a jump, the battery should be delivered to you. If this is still ineffective for your jump, then your towing services would be tapped into on your policy to bring your car to be viewed by a mechanic.

Overall, roadside assistance is a brilliant offering for peace of mind, convenience and safety. These companies have the tools and resources available to take care of you in a pinch. They can service you at all times of day and across the country. And for a surprisingly affordable value.

Interested in learning more about your options and offerings for Roadside Assistance? We’d love to talk with you about what’s available to you through a variety of policies! Call (225) 927-0451 or email for more information on opportunities available to you.