The temperature is warming up, flowers are beginning to bloom, and the risk of flooding is increasing. As we enter spring, we also enter flood season. Floods can occur at any time but happen most often during heavy spring rainfall and hurricane season.

What happens if you don’t have flood insurance?

Dealing with flood damage and claims can be extremely stressful. Flooding can not only cause you stress but also cost you if you only have homeowners’ insurance. Homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage you may get. If you are faced with flood damage to your property and only have homeowners’ insurance, you can wait to see if you will receive Federal Disaster Relief. Unfortunately, Federal Disaster Relief is only available if the President formally declares a disaster.

The scariest part is if you don’t have insurance or coverage you have to cover the costs of the flood damage yourself. This can be extremely costly depending on the damage done to your property.

On average, homeowners who do not have flood insurance end up spending anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 on flood damage repairs. Over the span of the next 30 years, more than 890,000 properties in Louisiana have greater than a 26% chance of dealing with flooding that causes damage.

Why should I get flood insurance?

The benefit of flood insurance policyholder claims is that they are paid even if a disaster is not federally declared. It is better to be prepared now rather than regret it later. It is important to get your flood insurance as soon as you can.

Waiting to get your flood insurance can be dangerous. If you wait to purchase a flood policy until a flood alert has been announced in your area, you will not be covered. Flood insurance policies do not go into effect if they are purchased days before a flood and after a flood alert has been announced.

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