The gifts have all been opened, the festive meals with family are over, and the New Year is upon us. Now that the season of gift giving is over, what next?

If Santa brought you what you really wanted, you might want to ensure those expensive gifts are covered. Whether it’s new diamond jewelry, great new electronics for the kids, or even new furniture items, you can’t assume that your current homeowners policy will cover all of it in case of fire, theft or some other disaster.

Right after you contact that special someone to thank them for that great new holiday gift, go ahead and contact your homeowners agent!

Most homeowners policies only cover contents to a certain amount. And certain categories have reimbursement limits. Make sure you review your current policy and then talk to your agent about either adding a rider to the policy or to “schedule” the item. You can then cover your new items for the full amount if they are ever lost, stolen or destroyed.

And, make sure your policy covers replacement value so you can replace your items with new ones. If you have cash value coverage, you will only get reimbursed for the depreciated value of your items.

When it comes to your new diamonds, adding a jewelry policy to your homeowners protects your fine jewelry, and this coverage is generally rather inexpensive.

So now that the holidays are over, protect your new goods with the best quality coverage with a service level above all other insurance companies. Call Henry Insurance Service today to make sure your holidays stay happy.