Everyone loves a fresh start to a new year! The beginning of the year makes a great time to think about your insurance policies and making changes to accommodate life’s changes.

Life Insurance

Changes such as birth, divorce, remarriage, a new job, or even a new mortgage are reasons to review your life insurance policy and make necessary changes. Read more about life insurance here.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do premiums or benefits very year to year?
  • How much do benefits build up in the policy?
  • What is the effect of interest on money paid and received at different times on the policy?
  • In what situations and through what procedures can you asses cash values?
  • Can the policy be converted into another form of insurance or annuity?

Homeowners/ Rental Insurance

Especially after Christmas, this is a great time to do an updated home inventory to make sure your policy is up-to-date. Take pictures of your newest gifts, prized possessions, and any valuable antiques. Talk to your agent to make sure these items are covered properly. Click here to learn more about homeowners insurance.

Auto Insurance

Make sure you have an updated copy of your insurance card and the number of your agent accessible in your car or phone in case of emergency. Also, review your deductibles for comprehensive and collision coverage. Find more information about auto coverage, click here.

Health Insurance

If you have a new job, your health insurance changed. You’ll want to make sure you have new insurance cards and to verify that your paperwork is in order before your first visit to a doctor. Also, check your provider list to make sure your doctor visits are covered in your policy and within your network, while also taking notes of the copays for out-of-network visits so that you’re not hit with a surprise if you have to venture outside the network. Get more details about health insurance here.

Business Insurance

If you’re a business owner or manager, what changes are you anticipating in your business in 2018? Plan now and make the necessary changes to your insurance policy. Speak to your agent and get more information about the types of business insurance that we specialize in by clicking here.

Speak to An Expert

We would love to talk with you about your insurance policies and answer any questions you have. We’re here for you, to serve you and help you protect what matters most. Give us a call at 225-927-0451!