In August of 2017, the state released a new set of over 200 statutes that had been passed in the legislative session back in June. These new laws covered a large range of topics- from educational reform and criminal sentencing to health care amendments and traffic laws.

For a full recount of the changes, you can visit the Louisiana State Legislature website.

Two of the laws put into effect are particularly pertinent to current (and future) drivers in Louisiana.

2 Notable New Laws for Louisiana Drivers

Traffic cameras must be marked

Effective August 2017, traffic cameras used to issue citations to drivers must be marked with signage. The signs must be near the traffic cameras and inform drivers that they are monitoring driving behavior. If the cameras are not marked, then the traffic citation is invalid. Images can only be used for tickets if signage is present.

New Drivers’ Education Regulations

In an effort to address recent tensions between law enforcement officers and drivers, new regulations are being added to Drivers’ Education curriculums that aim to reduce violent encounters. Lessons will now be included that discuss how to react to a law enforcement officer when pulled over during a traffic stop. The Louisiana Public Safety Department has released that this new curriculum will cover demonstrations of “appropriate interactions with law enforcement” and training on “maintaining integrity and respect.”

Other Applicable Changes

Fines for not wearing a seatbelt have increased. Fines are now $50 for a first-time offense, and $75 for each offense following the initial citation.

Motorcyclists are now permitted to wear masks (or helmets that include face coverage) during their rides. This is a desired amendment to current law by motorcyclists, who argue that inclement weather requires face coverage.

It is now required for veterans to be provided with free parking at Louisiana airports.

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