This is such a difficult time for so many members of our community. So many of our friends and family affected didn’t have flood insurance because they weren’t in an area deemed a flood zone!

I’ve been an insurance agent the majority of my adult life, so I understand what it means when insurance companies and mortgage companies talk about ‘flood zones.’ They are merely designated based on the statistical probability of an area flooding–a collection of numbers that were put together using elevations, historical data, and other information.

But, as so many of us in our community have discovered over the last week, the term ‘flood zone’ really applies to all of us. Some zones are worse than others but, we are all vulnerable to mother nature. We all share in the same risk.

In the same way, we often overlook other areas of exposure because we think we are not at risk. For example, we all think we are safe from cyber criminals, right? We have a firewall. We have everything password protected. We downloaded the security software.

But, did you know that in 2015 alone, there were over 1.5 million cyber attacks? That’s nearly three cyber attacks every minute of every day. But how many of us have looked into the option of cyber insurance? Just as there is danger in over looking flood insurance because we don’t understand flood zones, we are not immune to catastrophic damage caused by cyber criminals.

There are so many different types of coverage that can really help you in times of need. And let’s face it, it is called insurance for a reason. The definition of ‘insure’ is “to secure indemnity to or on, in case of loss, damage, or death.” The operative words in that definition are ‘in case of.’ The purpose of acquiring any insurance is to protect you in case of the unimaginable happening.

Insurance is for you – to protect what matters most to you in the event that the unplanned, unwanted, never-happened-before actually happens. Talk to an insurance expert today. Make sure that everything that matters to you is covered. And covered at a level that you can begin again with.

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