When we talk about insurance, we usually talk about it in the context of families- but what about life insurance for a single adult, for a family of one? Regardless of your plans for the future, it’s best to make sure that you’re covered now.

Sure, a single person may not have people depending on their income, but they likely have debt and don’t have enough cash stored up to cover expenses if something tragic were to happen.

If you’re a single person, consider the following:

  • Do you provide any financial support for loved ones? (Possibly siblings, nephews, nieces, or aging parents…)
  • Do you have debt? (Student loans, car, home…)

Only about half of millennials have life insurance, most claiming that they don’t have it because of other financial responsibilities. However, when you compare the costs of purchasing it as a young person rather than later in life, the numbers are quite convincing.

Benefits For Singles Purchasing Life Insurance

  • It is more affordable to purchase when you’re young.
  • It allows you to protect your future and the people that might come into your life.
  • It secures your financial future.

The Sooner the Better

The sooner you tackle “the basics” like insurance, reducing debt, and saving for retirement, the easier it will be to maintain these practices long term, creating a better financial future for yourself and possible future spouse/family.

As a local independent provider, we get to compare rates and benefits to find the best plan for you. We like to get to know our clients and understand their unique needs so that we can provide the best service.

Let us get to know you, your needs, and your goals, and we will come up with the best solution for your financial future. Don’t wait until you have a family to purchase life insurance. Speak to an expert about protecting what matters in your life: 225-927-0451.