Valentine’s Day is this week, which means that by Tuesday, maybe even Wednesday, a large percentage of the population will be scrambling looking for a last minute gift for their sweetheart. No doubt that drug stores will be swamped with frantic husbands searching for a meaningful, heartfelt card and cheap candy.

Can we propose a different kind of gift this year? What if you this year you insured your love with a life insurance policy?

Communicate Your Deep, Unwavering Love

Forget the box of chocolates and flowers and give your loved one a more meaningful gift that really shows how deeply you care- life insurance.

Chocolates and flowers are sweet, but do they even come close to displaying your deep love and affection for your special someone? The selfless gift of life insurance shows your loved ones how deeply you are committed to them and invested in their lives.

Think about it- what’s the point of buying life insurance unless you’re motivated by love? This purchase is a commitment that communicates so much more than the average valentine’s day gift.

Why Life Insurance is so Important: Protect the One’s You Love

Unfortunately, life is messy. If you have children living at home with you, you know. Life is unpredictable and fragile, and every day is truly a gift.

If something were to happen to you, what kind of condition would you leave your family in? Would they be taken care of? As of now, is their livelihood protected?

If you’re going to spend money this Valentine’s Day, you might as well put it toward something that really matters.

The average consumer is expected to spend as much as $136.57 on their significant other this week, an astronomical number for something as frivolous as chocolates. If you’re a non-smoker in your 20’s-30’s, you are likely looking at less than $40 a month for a life insurance policy in exchange for peace of mind and financial security for your loved ones.

Life insurance is financial protection for your family in the event that something unexpected were to happen to you. Your family could continue living in your home, and your spouse would not have to struggle to make ends meet. Life insurance is the gift of financial security.

A Life Insurance Gift Can be Romantic

The truth is, this time next week, the flowers will have faded and the chocolates will be gone, but a life insurance policy will have a long-term affect on your loved ones.

If you’re the romantic type, don’t worry. This can still be a romantic gift and you can create special memories this year. Get creative and think about how you can tell your loved one about your plans and/or purchase. You could put a note inside a special box or card, or discuss your plans over a romantic dinner. Talk about your future together. Let this topic be a conversation starter for the best Valentine’s day ever.