Healthcare reform has created many questions and concerns for businesses and individuals. When considering health insurance, you want the best possible plan for your business and for you and your family. We can provide you with guidance and support in selecting a plan that is best suited for you. Henry Insurance Service has access to many markets and programs. Using an independent agency like ours provides value to the transaction. We work with you to make sure your premium dollars are spent in the most effective way possible. Henry Insurance Service has experience that can help your business and family make the best selection possible.

We have identified a number of factors for you to consider when selecting an individual plan.

1.   Use an independent agent – We have access to many markets and special programs. This would include coverage under the healthcare reform. We are certified by the exchange and have a number of clients enrolled. Our office even has dedicated a number of terminals to help our clients through the enrollment process.

2.   Look at several plans- Each plan offers different levels of coverage.

3.   Consider any dependents- If you have children under age 26 without health insurance coverage through an employer; the law permits them to be on your insurance.

4.   Review many providers- You may want to make sure your primary care physician is in network.

5.   Determine what you need vs. what you want- Determine what you need and focus on that.

6.   Consider deductibles- Plan premiums can vary with high deductibles; this may save you considerable dollars.

Don’t just look at premiums, figure in other out-of-pocket costs you will face, and compare these within each plan. Finally, you should expect your agent to continue advising and helping you even after you purchase a policy. It does not cost you anymore to use our services, so call us today.