What is the difference between an Independent Insurance Services and Exclusive/Captive Insurance Services?

These terms are often used interchangeably, and can be very confusing. If you’re reading this, then this information is likely applicable to you as you wonder about our company, Henry Insurance Services.

A simple description is this: An Exclusive or Captive insurance agency only offers policies and packages from one company. For example, a Geico agent will only offer you Geico products. This limits the variety and customization of insurance possibilities.

Alternatively, an Independent insurance service offers policies from many different insurance carriers.

For example, if a home insurance policy from a specific carrier is the best fit for your family, but another carrier has a better policy for your auto insurance, then an independent agent can accommodate your specific needs.

They can educate you on the package options from both companies and set you up with those policies. There is a wider and more diverse array of insurance options through an independent service, while still having the benefit of utilizing one agent for it all!

We like to describe it using this analogy. You are making a major purchase (i.e. a car, television, home appliance). Where do you like to buy from?

  • A person who sells only one brand, with limited options & price points?
  • Over the phone or internet, never meeting or interacting with the representative selling you on this item?
  • From a knowledgeable expert in your local community who understands and sells many different brands, and can help you find the best combination of price and value for your individual needs?

Many people don’t realize the big differences when it comes to insurance agencies. When they buy insurance, they are choosing one of these three options.

Captive Insurance Agents work for just one company and sell only one brand. Telephone Representatives do the same, and sell “at a distance” over the telephone.

As an independent agent, we realize that one size does not fit all, which is why we represent several carefully selected insurance company partners.

Henry Insurance Service is locally owned and operated and we do not work for an insurance company. We work for you. We represent hundreds of different insurance companies. We can compare coverage and prices offered by these companies to find the best possible value. We do business face to face and are here for you, as your advocate, in your time of need.

Interested in learning more about your insurance options or getting a free quote? Contact an agent at Henry Insurance Service by calling 225.927.0451 or e-mailing info@henryinsuranceservice.com today!