When you’re choosing your health insurance plan, there are a variety of factors that you need to consider. With all of the choices can come frustration and a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Our goal at Henry Insurance is to take away the stress and frustration. As your trusted partner throughout this process, here are our top priorities you should take into account when choosing a health insurance plan. 

Your and Your Family’s Needs

Your needs and the needs of your family are the most important part of selecting any insurance plan. We understand that your family comes first, and as such, your insurance coverage needs to match. We are able to offer coverage based on individual, family, or group basis. 

What Kind of Plan is Offered?

Once you’ve established the needs of your family, you can look at what kind of plans are offered. There are two main kinds of individual health plans: managed care and traditional indemnity coverage. 

Managed care covers medical services from a specific network of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers. The most common types of plans for managed care include HMO, PPO, and POS. With these plans, some policyholders are able to open Health Savings Accounts, where they can save tax-free money for medical bills. Managed care plans offer coverage, which can differ based on the specific provider you choose at the time of service. 

Traditional indemnity coverage is the second main form of individual health plans. This type of health insurance covers medical care based on service rather than health care providers. In contrast to managed care, traditional indemnity plans provide the same coverage regardless of what doctor or hospital you visit. 

Your Budget

It is essential to keep the price of the plan in the forefront of your mind. Finding a policy that fits your needs can only work if it fits your budget as well. When you work with Henry Insurance, we will present a clear range of options and make specific recommendations that suit your objectives and budget. 

As your agent, it is important that we collaborate with you to help you find the insurance coverage that fits your family’s needs, meets your budget, and is the type of plan that you are looking for.