You only visit the doctor when you are sick, right?

That is how most people live their lives. But ‘an apple a day’ may keep the doctor away, but it won’t help your health insurance premiums.

These days, insurance providers are encouraging all participants to take part in yearly Wellness Exams and participating in preventative services. Some companies are even requiring wellness programs with wellness exams of their employees.


Why do they do this?

A recent study by the US Dept of Labor compared wellness program participants to statistically matched nonparticipants and found “clinically meaningful improvements” in exercise frequency, smoking behavior and cessation and weight control efforts by those wellness program participants.It also found that workplace wellness programs reduced overall medical costs for participants, lowered absenteeism rates at work and reduced health-related productivity losses.

And some companies even incentivize employees to take part.

The goal of the wellness program is for all employees to become healthier. Because an employee is healthier, they end up spending less for doctors, hospitals and prescription drugs, miss less paid work time and are more productive overall. A win-win for both the employee and employer.


So, what’s the downside?

There has to be a downside, right? Well, there are disadvantages to health insurance wellness programs.

Smaller businesses that only offer one type of plan often can’t offer the same incentives to participate or pay premium for a higher plan.

Also, while the programs may eventually reduce health care premiums for a company and their employees, the premiums for an insurance plan that offers wellness benefits may initially be higher. Therefore, employees will often switch to a lower premium plan to begin with, eliminating any benefits the company hoped to offer to begin with.


As an employer, what’s the best plan for my company and my employees?

Each employer situation is different. You need an insurance agency that understands the needs of your company as well as the needs of your employees. What is the best option for everyone?

Henry Insurance Service can assist you in setting up health insurance, dental plans, disability, life insurance, and long term care insurance.

We are able to provide the best possible group health insurance plans because we go through multiple providers. Instead of relying upon one insurance company, we are able to find the best possible plans and rates to match your needs, whether you want wellness benefits or not.