This may sound a little pre-emptive, but fall is just around the corner. We know you’ve been prepping by buying pumpkin flavored lattes and baking cinnamon bread, but we thought some activities that reduce your insurance costs could help too.

Although this seems like a far-off notion, one day in the next couple of months the temperatures will drop. In a frenzy of excitement, you’ll run to light a nice fire without even considering the potential damages to your home.

Let’s avoid that flurry of fun becoming a disaster for your family! Here are a few maintenance items for your roof, chimney and attic that will keep your fall full of fun.

1. Check the roof

Make sure there’s no loose shingles or other roof problems. In fact, it might be wise to have your roof inspected by a professional. A roofer can add special coatings or repairs that keep the interior of your home protected from blustery weather the winter brings. Also, a recently updated roof can result in insurance discounts and lowered rates.

2. Check your crawl spaces and attic

You’re going up there anyway to pull down all of your holiday decor, right? Just take a peek and make sure there’s no blockages or unwelcomed residents making a home in your unlived in spaces. Also make sure that all holes are patched to prevent these types of dilemmas to begin with. Critters can cause damage to your property or traumatize your family when they make an appearance in your home as the colder weather approaches.

3. Check your chimney and furnace

We hate to say it, but a professional may be in need for this as well. Fireplace use can result in soot buildup and other issues that present fire hazards. Additionally, the last time you want to find an issue with your furnace is when you’re trying to heat your home on a cold winter night. Addressing these maintenance items preventatively saves you from a much larger headache later.

We know you’re on top of your game. Handling these items preventatively saves you money and heartache. If handled in advance, they’re no big deal to address! It also saves you money on insurance claims and allows you to budget on your timeline to make payments rather than calling emergency repairmen when something goes wrong.As always, Henry Insurance Services is here to help you protect what matters. Something we can help with? Contact an agent by calling 225-927-0451 or emailing today!