This week Facebook’s network of social media platforms experienced the most widespread outages yet. All apps had continued down time for over 22 hours! Twitter buzzed with chatter and the hashtag #FacebookDown.

During the free time we had not spent on social media on Wednesday, we thought on the parallels that can be made between this traumatic event for Facebook and the insurance world we operate within.

Mishaps will happen.

Don’t be taken off guard when unplanned circumstances and mishaps arise. This should be expected, rather than surprising. Car accidents, occasional break-ins, property damages, etc… We never have these occurrences scheduled on the calendar. However, sometimes ready or not here they come! They are hiccups that occur regularly enough that we have learned to prepare for them. A day-long loss of functioning for Facebook is unexpected, to be sure. However it is not shocking. Our systems are not bullet proof- and we need to acknowledge that we are not invincible and put the proper protection in place!

Have an Emergency Plan

When things go awry, how will you respond? In the moment is not the time to formulate an effective response. Think proactively about your plan for which steps you will take in the event of an emergency, and review them periodically. Had Facebook not had an emergency plan in place, it likely would have taken more than a day to pull the resources and people necessary to find a solution.

Communicate Effectively

Don’t be like our friends at Facebook when it comes to effective communication. A 140-character Twitter announcement did not address the concerns and questions of their constituents.

Communicating well includes a timely response through an effective outlet to the appropriate parties. Have phone numbers and email addresses on hand for your insurance company, emergency contacts and other individuals who will be impacted by a mishap. If it is your business, assign a staff member who will be responsible for focused communication to employees.

Be as prepared as you can be.

Insurance exists for such a time as this. Mitigate risk and control for the unplanned by ensuring you have accurate coverage! You can rest easy and have peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for the unexpected. Wondering what liability you may need to be prepared for? Our agents can talk with you about the unique factors to consider in your life and what insurance can help you protect what matters!

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