Drivers in Louisiana are familiar with the downpours that can seem to come out of nowhere, especially in the summer months. Here’s some driving tips for driving safety in the rain.

Stay alert.

Have you ever driven somewhere that is routine and don’t remember actually driving there? Often our subconscious takes over when we’re driving out of habit. When it starts raining and the threat to your safety is raised, you must become extra alert of your surroundings.

Lower your speed.

When the roads are wet, you are much more likely to lose control of your vehicle. It only takes as much as 1/12 of an inch of water on the road to hydroplane, so don’t assume it can’t happen in light rain.

What should you do if your vehicle does begin to hydroplane?

  • Take your foot of the gas and DO NOT use your brakes.
  • Turn your wheel in the direction that the car is moving in order to regain control, and hold it until your wheels are back on solid ground.
  • Pull over for a minute to regain your focus if you feel rattled.

Give yourself some space.

It’s so important to leave room between your car and the one in front of you during rainy driving conditions. When it rains, you will need twice as much distance to stop so allow plenty of distance.

Turn on your lights.

This seems obvious, but it’s often forgotten! When visibility is low make sure your lights are on as well as your wipers. Which leads us to our next tip…

Replace your wiper blades annually.

It’s so easy to procrastinate on this one. When your oil is changed get your wipers checked to see if they need to be replaced. If your wipers don’t wipe the windshield clean in one swipe, you really need to replace them. Even if it does feel like just an extra cost, it’s best for your safety!

Turn off cruise control.

Especially while road-tripping, it’s common to set the cruise control and forget it. When it rains, you need to turn it off so that you can adjust the speed so that you don’t hydroplane or skid.

We hope that you will put these tips into practice when you find yourself driving through rain. For information about insurance for your car, give us a call at 225-927-0451 or get a quote online here.