Do I Need Rental Car Insurance?

Do I Need Rental Car Insurance?

Last week I took a trip and needed to rent a car. I got to the counter and the man working the desk showed me various spots to sign on the dotted line before I could get the keys. After several signatures, he said “And sign here to indicate that you have waived car...

HURRICANE IDA (update 8/28/2021)

We will make every effort to serve you during the aftermath of the impending storm. Keep in mind that due to power loss, potential damage and high call volume in the wake of a disaster, it may take some time to get through—please be patient.

Several documents and links are provided here for your assistance. Included is a list of claim reporting phone numbers. These numbers can be used to report a claim directly to the carrier if you are unable to get in touch with us. Be safe.

- Ross Henry

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