Is the water calling your name? If you own a boat you’re likely making plans to get out it out in the water if you haven’t already. Here’s what you need to do before you put the boat in the water: make sure it’s covered.

Boating & watercraft insurance covers most watercraft with a motor- including fishing boats, pontoons, jet skis, yachts, etc… Some states actually require liability insurance in order for you to operate your watercraft, and also some marinas and docks require it in order for you to dock your boat. Plus, if you will need to take out a loan to purchase your boat, your lender will require you to invest in insurance. All that to say, you need boating insurance. 

Consider the coverage that you will need. For example, a row boat would need a much different policy than a yacht or a house boat! Get the right policy for the type of boat you have.

Why do you need boating and watercraft insurance? 

Enjoy your time on the water! Boats are a big investment that can bring a lot of joy to a family. But thinking about all the things that can go wrong can really stress you out and steal the joy of the experience. Relax knowing that yourself and others on the water will be protected while you are insured. 

Protect yourself. We all know that accidents happen and we rarely plan for them. Watercraft insurance protects you from mishaps like boating accidents, storms, hurricanes, floods, engine damage, collisions with rocks, logs and other obstacles, as well as oil spills, vandalism and even more! All of this can be available to you depending on your coverage.

Protect others. Some watercraft coverage also includes the passengers on your boat as well as other boaters on the water. Avoid any kinds of injuries on your watch as a boat owner and ensure that others receive the care they need, as well as protect yourself from any kind of liabilities.

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