What does insurance have to do with back-to-school preparations?

Today is the first day of school for many students across the United States. Before the homework and extra-curriculars begin to fill your free time- now may be the best time to do your homework on how a new school year might affect your insurance policies!

Car Insurance

Do you have a child getting their license or permit this year? Adding a driver to your coverage can affect your premiums. Have a child heading off to college? A change in location, age, and student status can affect premiums as well. Now is also a good time to look into discounts available for good grades and academic achievement. Often discounts are offered to good students and drivers with a clean record. Call your insurance agent today to discuss how these changes with the new year could also affect your insurance premiums!

Home & Renter’s Insurance

If you have older children moving to college or out of the home, it is important to investigate your home insurance policy. Depending on your coverage, many home insurance policies include coverage of your student’s belongings in on-campus housing. However, if your student is bringing a lot of expensive belongings with them such as TVs, laptops, and other electronics- or is living off-campus, then renter’s insurance may be necessary.

Health Insurance

For children of all ages, a school environment is typically a nightmare for the immune system. Be prepared for the illnesses that are likely to come throughout the next school year. Make sure you have the coverage you need for your family’s medical needs.

Additionally, if a student is going to college then there are a few considerations. Your student can legally remain under your health coverage until they are 26 years old. However, if your student is moving out of state for their education, it is important to look into your coverage network. Out of state in-network doctors may be difficult to find with your policy. Additionally, many schools have on-campus medical care available that may not be covered in your policy. If either of these factors are an obstacle for you, then a lot of campuses offer student health care. Individualized policies for your student are also an option.

The common denominator between all of your insurance considerations for back to school is this: be familiar with your insurance policy and know your coverage.

If you would like to review your policy or make changes to better meet your families’ needs, Henry Insurance Service is here to help! Call us today at 225-927-0451. We are here to help.