The dictionary defines Service as a noun, an act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service.

Almost 30 years ago, my father, Melvin Henry began this agency with one goal in mind – to not only be an insurance agency for consumers, but to be a trusted advocate and a resource to its clients. He was so impassioned by this philosophy, that he included “service” in the name. Henry Insurance Service.

Every insurance expert at Henry Insurance Service has this same philosophy, including me. We strive daily to live up to the standard set by my father so many years ago. And we strive daily to meet your needs with a level of service that we can be proud of.

But, without you, our valued customers, we wouldn’t be here.

There is insurance on your life, on your health, on your business, on your car, on your boat, on your possessions, and on and on. And, each category of insurance has subcategories, and sub- subcategories! The list is endless. Our insurance experts are trained to identify your needs, offer you the best recommendations and provide you with answers. We care about you and your needs.

Nothing in your life is predictable or stable. And no matter how much you plan for it, there will always be situations that are beyond your control. We know that what you want for your family is a level of stability and peace of mind. That is why we offer you the level of service that we do. We aim to be your trusted resource that can give you what you need –beyond just insurance.

While our company has enjoyed a long history of excellence in identifying, analyzing and fulfilling the needs of our clients, and offering a level of service that we are proud of, we are equally excited about our future. And we are excited to be apart of your future.

From everyone here at Henry Insurance Service, thank you for being a valued customer, and allowing us to serve you.