Are you one of those people who has everything up-to-date with technology? Maybe your watch, phone, laptop, desktop, tv, car, and stereo system are all connected! That’s convinent, to say the least, but also dangerous.

Can you image what would happen if just one of your programs on one of your devices was attacked? What could it do to the entire system?

Cyberattacks can happen anywhere at anytime due to our exposure to modern technology. Online shopping, tax forms, emails, bank accounts, and billing statements all hold your personal or business’s professional information, a large incentive for hackers.

Proactive Protection

We believe the best protection is proactive protection. Listed below are 4 reasons why your personal life and your company need to invest in cyber insurance.

Increased device usage increases the risk of attacks.
One computer on one desk in one office holds dozens of opportunities for hackers to invade. When you multiply that number by five or six computers and add in cell phones, laptops, tablets, and smart watches, the odds of encountering a cyberattack are astronomically high. In an article by the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), the authors address the severity of the lack of protection the average user has for their mobile devices. One a mobile device is invaded, the passwords, emails, phone numbers, and other personal information is then linked back to the desktop hardware.

We rely heavily on our devices to help us be successful.
Think back to the sheer panic that happens when you forget your charger for your phone as you are leaving to go out of town. Why? Because in our day to day lives, we rely on technology to communicate across several platforms, both professionally and personally.

Small businesses are at a disadvantage for protection.
In 2017, over 15 large businesses were cyber attacked, thus leaving their customers’ information at risk. This type of exposure was quickly overcome due to the attention the attack got and the cybersecurity systems put in place for these companies. However, small businesses are at a higher risk of cyberattacks because there is less public attention on the business. Businesses like Whole Foods and Uber have national chains and hundreds of people looking out for their systems, customers, and wellbeing. Who is looking out for yours?

Your company is liable for protecting the information of your clients.
If your system is compromised, the information of all of your employees, customers, vendors, supplies, and followers are at risk of an attack. The financial information of your business and consumers are at risk, possibly as well as the social security numbers, mailing addresses, username and password information, and social media platforms.

Talk to an Agent

Whether professionally or personally, our exposure to technology occurs daily. Your computers are linked to your account information regarding bank accounts, medical records, taxes, and payroll.

The consequences of inactive protection of your mobile devices and desktop computers highlights the benefits of having cyber insurance. In both personal and corporate operations, protecting your information should be at the top of the list. You wouldn’t leave your car uninsured on the road, so why leave your cyber space unprotected?

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