It may be time for a heart-to-heart…with yourself.

Not where you ask if you are really happy. Not about if you should change jobs or move. Not a heart-to-heart about being nicer to your spouse or more patient with the kids. (Although, that’s always a good idea for most of us).

We’re talking about facing what could happen – and what will happen. We all have one single, most important investment and many of us are neglecting it. What are we talking about?

We’re talking about life insurance. Most people could stand to think about it a little more honestly. Especially if you don’t own any. But, even if you don’t own not enough. Let’s face it, others are counting on you.

I know, no one likes to talk about bad things happening. Even with yourself.

But there are good reasons to do it without delay.

Let’s get you started with three reasons that may get you thinking harder.

1. You’re Not Immortal

Yeah, sorry to break it to you. Even if you’re young, in your twenties, with your whole life ahead of you, you still have an expiration date. On average, you’ll live to be 82. That’s nice to know. If you’re a woman. If you’re a man, your life expectancy is 77.

According to Forbes, “by age 65, U.S. males in average health have a 40% chance of living to age 85 and females have a 53% chance. If the couple is married, there’s a 72% chance at least one will live until age 85.”

This may be a downer, but we said it was time to be honest. These stats mean that if you’ve got 10 friends, some of you aren’t going to make it to 80. A hundred friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers? What are the odds you’ll make it?

Facts can be cold. But there’s no reason for you to be.

If you’re lucky, your life will be full of warm relationships, and family – people who need you to hang around. So, it is time to have a talk with someone about the benefits of life insurance. Start that conversation.

Your loved ones need that conversation. For example, it costs nearly $250,000 to raise a child. Just through high school graduation. And that’s your responsibility. So, what if something happens to you? Who takes care of your kids then?

You’ve heard it before. Part of today’s business is planning for tomorrow. It’s not so hard. Just pick up the phone.

2. You Always Leave Behind Expenses

So, what if you’re no spring chicken?

You’ve had a pretty good run. Kids are older. You’ve got some money in the bank. If anything happened to you, your family could liquidate assets and take care of most things . . .

How true is that? It’s right for you to ask a few hard questions too.

  • What’s the cost of college?
  • How long does it take to probate an estate?
  • How much in savings is enough?
  • What’s the cost of retirement?

Think about these facts. A year of college at a four-year public college is $8,660. That’s only tuition, and that’s at a public school. Plus, costs go up. “Probate can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to a number of years.” “The average savings account balance in the U.S. was $5,753 in 2011, and the average 401(k) hovered around $74,600.” Compare those figures and your income. How’d you do?

You don’t have to leave expenses. You can leave a legacy – and continue to give even after you are gone.

3. It isn’t Too Expensive

This is a conversation you have with yourself all the time. About all kinds of things and it’s not always easy. Trust me, I know!

Can I afford this? What about that? That project will fit in the budget. But that equipment is too expensive.

Think you can’t afford life insurance? That is the biggest myth of all, my friends.

Simply put, it isn’t true.

Based on the potential benefit to you and your family—and the variety of choices available—life insurance is one of the best investments you can make. Ever.

A healthy 30-year old can buy $250,000 worth of term insurance for less than $200 a year. That would pay off your debts and alleviate the need for someone else to settle your accounts on their dime—a responsible thing to do. A 40-year old female can buy $1,000,000 for little more than $500 a year.

That is less than most people spend on Coffee in a year.

Plus, there are options. Various amounts. And types. Fixed, level term insurance. Whole life. Universal life.

Still too expensive? Before you even debate that, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Are a couple of lattes a week worth what you pay for them?
  • Is a movie ticket worth its cost? Even if it’s a bad movie?
  • Is a new pair of kicks worth another hundred bucks?
  • What about a week at the beach? Is it worth it?

Buying life insurance isn’t quite as much fun as some of the pleasures you spend money on. But consider the big picture. Ask yourself another question.

How does a good movie make you feel? Pretty good, right? Usually worth it.

So, how’s it feel to protect your family? Terrific! And definitely worth it.

You’re Already Thinking about Time and Money Anyway

You talk to yourself all the time. You think about your life. How far you’ve come. Maybe how far in life you want to go.

You think about how much money you make. How much everything costs. How expensive so much you want to accomplish can be.

Everyone does that; you aren’t alone.

But, not everyone chooses to have the tougher conversations with themselves.

As you mature, you add to your responsibilities. A family. A home. And more.

Who takes care of them? And who takes care of all that when you’re gone.

Do your loved ones a really big favor. Have a conversation with yourself. If you are waiting to get life insurance, admit to yourself now is the time to invest in it. Then talk with someone who can help you do something about it.

Be responsible. It’s never too late to make a wise and reasonable investment in those you love.