Hurricanes are a seasonal threat to south Louisiana and across the Gulf Coast region. The season begins on June 1st and ends November 30th. During this time of year, the likelihood of an emergency situation is higher than other times of the year.

At Henry Insurance Service, we value your well-being and safety. In preparation for the 2018 hurricane season, we’ve made a list of factors to consider.


Be aware of seasonal changes in weather.


The WBRZ Hurricane Center has an active newsfeed of potential storms, interactive radars, and current storm conditions. You can also visit the National Hurricane Center’s website for maps, radars, and preparedness tools.

Another option to stay consistently up-to-date is utilizing WAFB’s mobile app listed here. This is a great way to have current information while you are at work, traveling, or out of the office.


Protect your home.


Before a hurricane makes landfall, be proactive in choosing your home and property protection services. Along with insuring your property, being confident that your windows and doors are securely reinforced will greatly benefit you, both during and after the storm.

Local first responders typically have access to sandbags that you can use to reduce the intake of water. You can check with your local fire department for more information about preventative tools and materials.


Prepare evacuation and emergency plans.


Creating an emergency preparedness plan is crucial in proactive planning. This checklist provides a beneficial outline for what to make plans for and what to consider when preparing.

This is another checklist that gives plenty of ideas on what supplies you might need to consider this 2018 hurricane season. Being aware of the appropriate ratios of supplies to persons is another key factor to remember during this time.

Preparing a personal evacuation plan will reduce the stress and likelihood of losing a family member.

Tip: Designate a meeting spot somewhere near your home that everyone could meet at if they were separated.


Speak to an Insurance Expert


We want you to be prepared for any type of emergency situation that could arise during this hurricane season. To talk about property, home, life, or business insurance, call to speak to an expert: 225-927-0451.