Unfortunately, the winter season (the season in which we fill our homes with potentially flammable trees) happens to be prime fire season.

Fireplaces, woodstoves, and furnaces work to warm homes, holiday lights put an extra strain on the electrical outlets, and candles can be a serious hazard. Fireplace-related fires double during the holiday season according to Allstate claims data.

With that being said, we want to provide some tips so that you can avoid a serious holiday disaster.

Here’s 10 tips to keep your holiday home safe this season:

  1. Replace lights that are flickering or have loose connections, a frayed connection, or corroded sockets.
  2. Don’t overload your outlets.
  3. Unplug your lights when leaving your home and going to bed.
  4. For outdoor lights, keep the electrical connections above ground, out of puddles.
  5. To be safe, think about switching to LED lights. They’re a better option because they produce very little heat, therefore reducing the risk of starting a fire in your home. Plus, they’re more energy efficient and last longer.
  6. Keep candles in a candleholder that is sturdy and far from any flammable materials and the reach of children.
  7. Make sure to extinguish burning candles before leaving the house or going to bed.
  8. Make sure your Christmas tree is away from heating ducts and keep it watered if it’s a real tree.
  9. When entertaining, pay close attention to pot handles in the kitchen, and keep combustibles away from flames.
  10. Remove as much activity and traffic from the kitchen as possible (keep children and pets out from under you while cooking!).

Is your home covered if the unthinkable happens?

Whether a fire starts in or outside your home, or a thief snatches the gifts from under the tree, make sure that your renters or homeowners insurance has you covered this holiday season. You can speak to an expert directly to talk about the best plan for you, so that you can protect what matters most in your life. Reach us at 225-927-0451!